Fresh Oysters (M.P.)


Mushroom soup (9)

Mushrooms with roasted garlic, gruyère and croutons.


Green salad (11)

Kale with green grapes, green beans, lentils and toasted pumpkin seeds.


Bison tartar (13)

Middle Eastern flavours.


Trout rillette (14)

House smoked Quebec trout wrapped in leek with radishes, citrus and a sour cream sauce.


Duck smoked meat (with all the xin's) (17)


Foie gras cereal (18)

Shaved foie gras with local, organic pasturized milk and honey roasted oats






"Halifax style" boar donair (25)

Homemade pita, pickled onion, tomatoes with a sweet garlic sauce.

Duck fat roasted potatoes with garlic mayo


Whole grilled seabass (28)

With a green herb sauce, red pepper and frothed almond milk


Quebec raised duck  (32)

Roasted breast and duck cont croquette with celery root 2 ways

and pickled granny smith apples


Braised lamb shank (33)

broccoli 3 ways with parpadelle


Seafood bouillabaisse (33)

Mussels, clams, shrimp and cod, tomato based with saffron potatoes and sauteed fennel, served with a garlic crouton


venison loin (43)

Panseared Quebec raised venison, with carrots 2 ways, BBQ potato gnocchi and truffle




mashed potatoes (5)

garlic green beans, toasted almonds (5)

beet risotto with walnut pesto (7)


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Montreal, QC

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